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    Container Specifications - Need to know the dimenions of various containers? We have that here - just Read more and you can see the Length, Width, Height of various containers. NOTE - The dimensions given are typical sizes and are given only as indication. NVO Consolidators accepts no responisibility for variations in the container dimensions.

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  • conversion

    Need to know how to convert Area, Capacity, Length, Volume and more? User our sheet of formual conversions to help you calculate. Great tool to calculate your volume or area of your cargo. 

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  • news

    Keep up to date with the lastest blog from NVO Consolidators. Weekly, we provide some of the lastest news and how-to's as it pertains to Freight Forwarding and cargo shipping today.

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  • inco

    The Incoterms rules or International Commercial Terms are a series of pre-defined commercial terms published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) that are widely used in International commercial transactions or procurement processes. A series of three-letter trade terms related to common contractual sales practices, the Incoterms rules are intended primarily to clearly communicate the tasks, costs, and risks associated with the transportation and delivery of goods. Read more to see list of terms. NVO Consolidators Canada is not responsible for use or understanding of these terms.

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